Spoiled Hike

Disc Golf and Cabins in the Shenandoah Mountains


Three Peaks

OK, that's our place circa 2012, and you can't have it.  But, this being the commercial section of the website, you can come up here and rent a place for a weekend or a week.  Or, you might even want to build a place for yourself.   Lydia Mountain Lodge and Log Cabins has been in business for about 25 years, and they build and rent.  Here is my map of the properties they currently rent: Lydia Mountain Cabin Map.  Although many of those are actually owned by Lydia Mountain, the majority have other owners.

The long-imagined Lydia Mountain Lodge is in fact on the verge of being built.  At least some of it is rumored to open this fall (2018), including the bar and a cafe.  So, we should soon be able to walk up to the top of the mountain for a hamburger and a beer, and walk back.  Rumor has that the lodge will open, at least in part, this coming fall (2018). 

Here the focus narrows to those properties associated with the disc golf course.  But, first a warning.  The disc baskets that comprise the course are a shared resource. That means that in return for being allowed trapse around the other cabins, you may also experience strange disc golfing people meadering around in the vicinity of your cabin.

Southern Comfort:  This our two bedroom cabin that we've been renting since 2012.  It sits on an eight acre lot that is adjacent to the ten Three Peaks acre lot.  The bulk of the eastern basket cluster sits on those two properties.

Walnut Meadow:  A two-bedroom pseudo-cabin that just came on line in April.  It's on the other side of Turkey Ridge Rd, it spent it's first 60 years as a simple two-story cinder block house, which we bought in the fall of 2016.  But now, it's a simple two-story cinder block house that has been made to look like a cabin that has been replumbed and rewired:

Note that both of the above pictures portray what the surrounding area looka like in the winter.  Once the leaves come out, it's all green and far more secluded.  While the house is on a 24 acre lot, the five baskets on the porperty only use about one quarter of that. 

Skyview.  This three-bedroom house, which belongs to Lydia Mountain, shares a driveway with Walnut Meadow.  It pretty much still looks like the brick house it has always been, but it has also been completely renovated on the inside.  But for our purposes, the thing that makes this place special is that it comes with the longest open fairway on the mountain, with the S basket awaiting in the gap 600 ft away:

Your Very Own Disc Golf Resort Property.  Even if you've already decided that you like it here and want to come on a regular basis, for most people it still makes more sense to rent than buy.  It's definitely easier, and less exspensive unless you rent out your cabin too.  But, if you are interested, I have another map to show you.