Spoiled Hike

Disc Golf and Cabins in the Shenandoah Mountains

Disc Golf Resort Property

I do have a couple of lots I'd like to sell, but that's not the main reason this page is here. As you can see from the map below, what I like to think of a disc golf resort resides on five different properties.  Three of them are owned by Spoiled Hike LLC, another we own personally, plus one is owned by Lydia Mountain.  The "course" really only exists because the baskets are shared voluntarily.  Were you to buy some adjacent property and put one or more baskets on it that you are williing to share, you too could part of the Spoiled Hike disc golf resort consortium.

As I figure it, current options are listed below.  The 27A-5 lots are part of the Greene Acres subdivision which means they come with Property Association dues (currently $185 per year) and access to the lake. 

Cabins and Houses

Buying a lot and building on it usually takes at least a year.  If you can find a place you like that is already built, then go for it.  Not only will it be quicker, it might be a little cheaper too.  Here are three options:

1.  1022 Turkey Ridge.  Located on 27A-5-10, this is an old vacation home that could really use some renovation.  It doesn't have much disc golfing value, but it is right between the two clusters. It has been on offer for too much, but as has been sitting empty for a while, they might be willing to entertain a more reasonable offer.

2.  1192 Turkey Ridge.  Otherwise known as Dancing Bear, this cabin is located on 18A-75A.  It is rented by Lydia Mountain, and it does very well. The owners have been trying to sell it for about six months and I've heard the asking price furnished is $375K.  That makes in just about priciest vacation property up here [$100K is the low end of the spectrum], but it really is very nice.  A basket would fit very neatly into the gap between the driveway along the ridge and the hairpin turn on High Ridge Road. 

3.  1194 Greene Acres Rd N.  This is a small cabin sized Cape Cod that would serve quite well as a vacation home.  It has been on offer for over a year - the current asking  price is $185K.  A basket in the NE corner of the lot could easily plug into the fairway between baskets O and P.

Empty Lots

Most of the lots on High Ridge Road are empty.  Even though none are currently listed for sale, some of them definitely can be had for some price without going through a realtor.  I just bought two lots by writing three different owners asking if they were interested, and one of them came back and said yes.  I figure any of the empty lots are possibly for sale, but some more so than others.

1. 27A5-29.  I'll start with this one, because we own it personally.  We bought it mostly for Green Acres membership, and we don't need it for that anymore - we can reimburse the company to get our beach passes, if necessary.  We bought it for $8K five years ago, and we are asking $10K for it.  It's not contiguous with the disc golf course, but perhaps it will be someday.  In any case, it's a short trot from there to the O basket.

2. 27A5-4.  This is one of the two lots we bought in June.  As 27A5-3 already has a basket and fairway, plus we are tentatively planning on building another rental property there, we figure on keeping it.  But we are willing to let number 4 go to someone who thinks not having a basket in middle of the septic field would be a total waste.

3. 27A5-7 and 27A5-11.  Both of these lots belong to the owner of 148 High Ridge Rd (27A5-10).  The first one was recently listed by owner for something like 24K, which is definitely above market value these days.  Perhaps she might  be willing to sell either seven or eleven for a more reasonable price.  Number 7 comes with a power line easement that traverse along the northern edge from Turkey Ridge to High Ridge.  That probably is not an attraction for most buyers, but to me it looks like a ready to go fairway; 27A5-4 is directly accross.  For disc golfing purposes, 27A5-11 could possibly be used in conjunction with 27A5-12.

4. 27A5-13.  There's a spiffy new cabin at 930 Turkey Ridge Rd (27A5-12) with a gorgeous view.  That view was created by cutting down more than a few trees.  The new owners also bought thirteen, which I believe was also cleared a bit.  Now that they've done that, they may be willing to sell it.  Some of the cleared area may be allowed to grow back, but at least some of it needs to stay clear for the septic field -- which screams potential fairway to me.  But, there needs to be a basket to throw to, which could be on either -11 or -13.

5. 27A5-5.  The property looks like it was inherited, so there's a pretty good chance that the current owner doesn't particularly want it.  I'm thinking whomever ends up with Dancing Bear might to snatch this up to get Greene Acres access, and maybe to put a basket at the hairpin turn.  If you wanted to build on it, the down hill side of the hairpin seems like the place.

There other lots that might fit in.  In particular, I did recently write to the owners of 27A5-1, -2, and -26 but got no interest. 

I'm trying to talk Lydia Mountain unto putting a nine hole novice course up on the top of the mountain, and that might create some other possibilities too.  But, they really need to finish the Lodge first.