Spoiled Hike

Disc Golf and Cabins in the Shenandoah Mountains

Spoiled Hike Disc Golf Course

While it was up to 16 baskets for a while, the old course currently has 14 baskets.  However, a new nine basket course on the other side of Turkey Ridge is coming, and which has five baskets standing as of now.  Here is the M basket in it's new spot:

There are several aspects of Spoiled Hike that are worth mentioning at the outset. 

  1. There are nearly unrelenting elevation changes, with the only exception being the top of the ridge.  It is  aslo heaviliy wooded.  So, if you like level ground you have to accept a gravel road or driveway as a fairway.  The  North slope (G, and H) is much insane.   One of the basket down there is being moved to the other side of the road. 
  2. Secondly, I expect this to be low traffic course -- i.e. myself, a few of my friends, cabin renters, and occasional trespassers who accidentally wander onto the course at their own risk.  The main consequence of that expectation is that most of the fairways are designed to operate bidirectionally.  Tees and pins are often in close proximity.
  3. One of the reasons traffic must remain low is that there aren't that many places to park.  Each cabin on the ridge has 2-3 parking places, but that's about it.  
  4. The course has a low profile.  Markers are used to identify many tee positions, and some are hard to find without the map.  However, in addition to the spots that are level already, there are many smallish (usually 4' by 8') tee pads that create a level platform to throw from. 

Spoiled Hike Course Map

Tees: A description of the tees and where to find them

Tees and Pins: A list of the most attractive combinations currently possible

The Standard Courses: Five 18 hole sequences of increasing difficulty.

Near and Distant Plans: The course exists, but it could use some work.

Road Trips: Other Courses Nearby