Spoiled Hike

Disc Golf and Cabins in the Shenandoah Mountains

 Photo Gallery

First front page picture taken from the back porch of Three Peaks in the fall of 2010:

A few months later:

Late spring, 2011:

Finding your disc in the fall (2011) can be challenging:

Spring 2012, with a little fog thrown in:

Throwing discs from the porch was often irresistable urge.  This one is from the Summer of 2012; never found the disc.

Mountain Laurel season is usually in late May or early June.  This 2013 picture is of the western approach to the E basket:

This is of basket B at the corner of Three Peaks

Low cloud cover, early fall 2014:

The dogwoods and redbuds pop out in early spring; this picture is from 2015.

Summer sunflowers, 2017:

When jungle season comes course maintenance is hard, June 2018:

When jungle season turns into monsoon season that dry creek bed near the O basket isn't so dry anymore:


The view from the C basket is a little different from what you see from the back porch; that peak in the back is Lewis mountain:

The DG fairway, Spring 2021, those redbuds are pretty good at growing sideways.  Needs a little trimming, perhaps: