Spoiled Hike Course Sequences

Disc golf isn't much of a game without a defined objective.  You can just go out and start  thowing, and sometimes I do just that.  But it can be more fun to keep score, either to compete with someone else or to just compare with your prior performance.  With that in mind, here are a set of course sequences that can be used for that purpose:

The Western Novice Course:  Short holes for beginners around Southern Comfort.  Very similar to the Red Course, but three of the holes are different, and nine others are shortened.

The  Eastern Novice Course: Short holes for beginners around Little Meadow

The Red Course: All the holes are par threes with an average hole length of less than 200’.  Lots of ace and birdie opportunities. 

The White Course:  Most of the holes are par threes, but the range of difficulty varies a lot.  Makes one foray to the north slope, which is wickedly steep. 

The Blue Course:  All holes use the six baskets around Little Meadow.  Many of the holes are long, but open.

The Spoiled Hike:  Long holes, using baskets on both sides of Turkey Ridge.