Spoiled Hike

Disc Golf and Cabins in the Shenandoah Mountains

Course Maps

Part of the fun of disc golf is just watching the disc fly in the durection you want it to go.  So, you can just go out and start  throwing, and I often do just that.  But, that's not a game.  With that in mind, this page lists sets of 18 hole sequences that can be called a course.  Maps are provided in two formats.  The pdf, which is designed to be printed, includes directions to each tee and list hole distancesis.  The jpg is just the map and is formatted to be veiwed on a smart phone.

They are listed in order increasing difficulty: 

Course Name Course Length Notes
Western Novice 2638 ft Short holes for beginners on the west side of Turkey Ridge around Walnut Meadow and Skyview.  pdf    jpg
Eastern Novice 2598 ft Short holes for beginners mostly around Southern Comfort with one excursion up to Three Peaks.  More wooded with a little more elevation than the Western Novice.  Only uses 10 of the thirteen baskets in Eastern cluster.  pdf    jpg
Western Red 3827 ft Very similar the Western Novice, but the holes are longer.  Lots of easy deuces here.  pdf    jpg
Eastern Red 4133 ft Longer holes around Southern Comfort and Three Peaks with much more elevation than the novice course that uses all thriteen baskets.  Much more technical and difficult than the Western Red.  pdf    jpg
Eastern Alt-Red 4214 ft Mostly the same (three holes are different) as the Eastern Red, but avoids using the driveway for Southern Comfort which is sometimes clogged with vehicles.  pdf    jpg
Western White   Planned, next in line
Eastern White 5271 ft Mostly 300+ ft holes around Southern Comfort and Three Peaks.  This course is a challenge for anybody.  pdf    jpg
Spoiled Hike   Planned, very long holes, using baskets on both sides of Turkey Ridge.  

Keep in mind that you don't really have to start on hole #1.  If it is more convenient to start on one of the other holes, there is no reason not to.