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Recent Developments

February 2017

The big new development is the acquisition of 737 Turkey Ridge last fall.  After the remodeling is finished, the house will become a second rental property (in addition to Southern Comfort).  I don't know if the name will stick, but for now I am calling it Little Meadow.  That is becasue the house is associated with a small meadow of acout 4 acres that has served as farmland in the past:

I might decide to plant something else there in the future, but I'm starting with baskets.  Not only will the meadow allow for sow relatively long 400+ ft open holes, it will also permit the development of a much better novice course than what I have now.  So, here's what I have in mind:

Although I figure on ending up with nine baskets in and around Little Meadow, I am going to start with six.  Two of those six baskets will be reassigned from the eastern course that surrounds Southern Comfort and Three Peaks.  In fact, the D basket which used to be located on the north slope down from Three Peaks ((along with G and H) has a new home a half mile away.  The M basket will soon follow. 

I don't think it will take very long to get the western course up and running.  The anchors for the D, M, and Q baskets were set last week, and I figure on getting the other two done next week.  I will probaly use a temp basket for T while I figure out exactly where it should go.  Since there are plenty of fairly flat spots around, building tee pads won't be that much of a priority either.

There is won't be very much clearing needed either.  While the S and T baskets are in the woods, the other four all line the perimeter of the meadow.  The S basket is on the lane cleared for the power line (you can see it the satellite photo above), so the fairway to R is already there.  There is an existing ATV trail between D and T that will serve as a fairway.  The Green dotted line is a path that doesn't exist yet, and the latter part of it will need some clearing to serve as a fairway, as will 100 feet or so between the M and T baskets.

Long Range Plans 

Like I say, I figure there will be nine baskets around Little Meadow, but exactly where depends somewhat on how the 727/737 Turkey Ridge development project proceeds.  The H and G Baskets are likely to go west as well, but that will be a 2018 problem.