Spoiled Hike

Disc Golf and Cabins in the Shenandoah Mountains

Spoiled Hike Course Development

The main development in 2018 is that the new place is available for rent.  Lydia Mountain Lodge calls it Walnut Meadows, because that's what the signs say.  But we call it Walnut Meadow because even though there are lots of Walnut trees, there's really only one meadow.  This disc golf course is coming along, and besides mowing grass that's main project this summer.  There are eight permanent baskets up already, with four of them having been moved from the old eastern cluster, plus I've ordered two more.   Five of the new baskets are on the Skyview lot, which is owned by Lydia Mountain. 

Back on the other side of the road, the new development is that Spoiled Hike purchased two 1.42 acre lots that are between the Southern Comfort lot and High Ridge Road.  The third basket on order is going to become the new M basket, which will be on of the two new lots.

After the baskets, I will fish up developing the new course maps.  I already have a preliminary versions for seven.  Most of them will be in one cluster or the other -- Novice, Red, and White courses of increasing difficulty in both the east and west.  Then there will be the superlong Blue course that will use baskets on both sides of Turkey Ridge.

The next thing on the list will be put down tee markers down to make the maps a reality.  The western cluster needs most of them, while the eastern course needs a few more.  I will start out simple with the goal at least soemthing down everywhere by he end the summer.  Constructing a few more tee pads where they are really needed will be a good winter project.

I have also ordered custom stamped discs (mostly DX Aviars, Rocs, and Leopards from Innova):

While I will give some away to renters and other acquaintances, they will also be for sale in the Lydia Mountain store at the intersection of US 33 and Bull Yearling.

ETA: The new W basket is in.  That's the top of the cabin at 930 Turkey Ridge in the background, with Greene Acres Lake behind it

Long Range Plans 

I am tentatively planning to build another rental property on one of the new lots next year, with goal of getting in up and running sometime in 2020.  I also may try to sell one or two of my three Greene Acres lots, preferably to someone interested in a joining our disc golf consortium.