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Disc Golf and Cabins in the Shenandoah Mountains

Rock, Wood, Plastic, and Metal

It's jungle season, and there's lot's of new stuff going on, and I haven't had the time to update the web page much lately.  But. here's the synopsis:  The new place is up and running, and I think it's really cool.   We bought a couple of lots adjacent to Southern Comfort, and we might be up for selling one of them.  But instead of building, the main focus this year is going to be on disc golf.  Three more baskets are in storage, two for the western cluster (making ten) and one more for the eastern cluster (making thirteen).  I've got seven course maps in mind, but I need lots of new more markers  and maybe a few more tee pads too.

This website has four main sections:

  Monsoon Season, June 2018


Besides the fact that it rained like hell all night, part of the problem there is that a clump of branches and dead leaves turned the wooden tee pad / bridge into a dam.  It took about 15 minutes to get a proper flow going:

It's also true, of course, that I really need to go down there with a string trimmer and the loppers.  Did I say it's a jungle?

ETA, two weeks later:  See what I mean?

Those vines on the R basket weren't there at all two weeks ago.  You really don't want to overthrow this basket right now.