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New Plastic, August 2018


The Innova fairy delivered a couple of boxes of new plastic last week with the new Spoiled Hike logo and a couple of web addresses stamped on the face.  As you can tell from the above picture, those squiggly lines are an outline of the mountains from our back porch. Teal, Burnett, and Kirtley mountains are on the right, the tallest peak is Bluff mountain, while that's the shoulder of Pocosin mountain on the left.  The stamp will wear off with use eventually, but for now they look really good.  I just might have to hang one on the wall instead of throwing it. 

Anyway, the majority of the discs are DX plastic (mostly Rocs, Aviars, and Leopards), which are best suited for beginners largely because they are the least expensive.  There are also a bunch of lighter weight discs in there too, which are better for weaker arms.  Those are up for sale at the Lydia Mountain store at the corner of US 33 and VA 634 for $8 each. 

Besides having a supply of discs for our cabin renters who are DG novices, the other obvious purpose of these discs is advertising.  So, I got a few pricier discs too; Pro JK Aviars, Pro Destroyers, Champion (Gummy) Terns, XT Novas (that's what's in the picture), GStar Shrykes, and Star Leopards.  Well, I also got stuff I want, so I'll keep some of them.   I also figure I'll give some away as tournament prizes.  But, I'll probably have a few left over to barter with.